Why You Need CloudSee Drive

CloudSee Drive for Amazon S3

Simple. 100% browser based. Mobile friendly. Nothing to install.

As an administrator, you won’t have to hassle with users’ download and configuration challenges. Simply sign up at AWS Marketplace and you’re on your way.

CloudSee Drive for Amazon S3

Intuitive, familiar interface means no end-user learning curve.

With a feeling of Finder or Explorer, users can upload, download, browse, view, and edit files. They can also create folders and easily move files around.

CloudSee Drive for Amazon S3

Find needles (or objects) lost in the virtual haystack (cloud).

Buckets are searchable, so users can easily retrieve documents and media in the cloud. They can add descriptions and custom tags (they’re searchable too!). Use the time for that new project you can never find time for…

CloudSee Drive for Amazon S3

Keep your Amazon S3 secure with approved services.

Keep your S3 buckets secure. CloudSee Drive is reviewed & verified by AWS, using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

VisionAST Tames File Storage with CloudSee Drive

See How VisionAST Tames File Storage
with CloudSee Drive

VisionAST CSMs use CloudSee Drive to deliver a better customer experience.

How It Works

What CloudSee Users Say

To keep up with inbound customer queries about DMS feeds, we needed a file management and collaboration tool. We chose CloudSee Drive and I am happy with that decision. We can manage files from any device. I consider this the ultimate productivity tool for managing content on S3. We can organize and tag files easily, which increases staff productivity in the long term.

Pete Carusone

I’m able to select which user can see which bucket and with which permissions. That is a game changer!

David L.

Ready for a CloudSee Drive Demo?

Perhaps a one-minute video wasn't enough for you to bring CloudSee Drive into your cloud. If you want a personal deep-dive 20-minute live demonstration, we invite you to contact us.

    Like having a personal assistant for your S3 buckets.