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Build your own blueprint to master S3 storage & transfer costs.

Download our Blueprint for
Taming Amazon S3 Costs

    Get a practical blueprint to help you architect cost-efficient storage…

    With data volumes and cloud storage costs spiraling out of control, organizations are struggling to optimize their Amazon S3 spending. Without proper visibility and governance, S3 buckets accumulate vast amounts of wasted and unused data. This results in unnecessary expenses along with performance and security risks.

    To tame the tide, CIOs and cloud architects need a solid blueprint for gaining control over their S3 environments. With the Blueprint for Taming Amazon S3 Costs, you can realize substantial savings while maintaining high performance and security standards and providing S3 storage that scales to meet changing business needs.

    Here’s a preview of what’s inside…

    • Building Your Blueprint
    • Blueprint for Storage Efficiencies
    • Blueprint for Access Control
    • Blueprints for Instrumentation & Monitoring
    • Blueprint for Performance Optimization
    • Finalizing Your Cost Optimization Blueprint
    • Blueprint Maintenance

    Download our Blueprint for
    Taming Amazon S3 Costs