CloudSee Drive: An Amazon S3 file browser…in your browser


Cloud Storage Simplified.

Browse, Search, and Organize
Your Amazon S3 buckets.

CloudSee Drive

An Amazon S3 browser…in your browser.

Enable access to S3 buckets for your users without giving access to AWS Console.

CloudSee Drive: Browse Buckets

Browse Any of Your S3 Buckets

CloudSee Drive users can browse and view files on any Amazon S3 bucket you enable as accessible. Administrators save the time and hassle of supporting the organization’s basic needs.

CloudSee Drive: Search AWS S3

Search for Files

Users can search and view files stored in S3 with a simple, familiar user interface. It’s fast and easy. Your team can get to the digital materials they need immediately, with no training or technical support.

CloudSee Drive: Upload & Tag

Add Folders, Upload & Download Files

With a feeling of Finder or Explorer, users can create new folders, upload & download files, and add metadata. Instead of using synchronized storage systems, files live in one corporate environment.


Untangle S3 Buckets Using a Familiar Interface

CloudSee Drive: Amazon AWS S3 Browser

CloudSee Drive Is a Powerful and Easy to Use Amazon S3 Browser

  • Easy sign-up and setup.
  • Full support for all AWS S3 storage classes.
  • 100% browser based.
  • Nothing to install.
  • Publish content using Amazon S3.
  • Reliably upload & download your files to and from AWS S3.
  • Minimize access to AWS console for non-developers.
  • Browse, view, and edit AWS S3 bucket files.
  • Add descriptions (searchable too!).
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Processing very large numbers of files.
  • Easily grant and revoke access for business users.
  • Control who can access any bucket.
  • Mobile friendly.

Pay As You Go Pricing

CloudSee Drive pricing is based on consumption.
Your AWS bill will reflect the number of units you use. Additional taxes or fees may apply.







hourly per user


hourly per user


hourly per user


hourly per user


hourly per user

Up to 1TB
of S3 objects
1TB to 10TB
of S3 objects
10TB to 100TB
of S3 objects
100TB to 1000TB
of S3 objects
Over 1000TB
of S3 objects

Schedule a LIVE CloudSee Drive Demo

Bring CloudSee Drive into your cloud. Schedule a personal deep-dive 20-minute live demonstration.

    Like having a personal assistant for your S3 buckets.

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